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(1) Copyrights and other rights

The Copyrights for the contents on this website is owned by KDK Corporation ("KDK")and its affiliated companies.
Regardless of whether for profit-or-non-profit-oriented, the following actions (though not limited to) are completely prohibited: duplicating, modify, distribute and so on.

(2) Links

When providing a link to this website, please obtain a written permission beforehand from "KDK". We, "KDK", makes no guarantee whatsoever regarding the contents of the website that are linked from this website or the website of other containing links to this website as other parties are responsible for the operation of the linked site.


Although "KDK" closely monitored the information on this website, it does not guarantee the accuracy of the contents. "KDK" reserves the rights to change or delete any of the posted information on this website without prior notice. "KDK" shall not be liable for any lose and damages that might result from your use of this information.

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Additionally, unless otherwise specified, the Tokyo District Court has exclusive first instance jurisdiction for all disputes arising regarding this Website.

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(6) Privacy Policy

"KDK" will treat the personal information received from this website in compliance with the Privacy Policy.

  1. Intended Use of Personal Data
When "KDK" obtains personal data from customers, "KDK" clearly indicate in advance the purpose for which the personal data are intended to be used and uses the information within the scope of the stated purpose of use. When the need to use a customer's personal data for a purpose that goes beyond the stated purposes of use arises, "KDK" notify the customer to that effect and obtains the consent before using the information for such purpose.
  1. "KDK" maintain personal data accurate and update and strives to prevent unauthorized access to personal data or the loss destruction, alteration, or unauthorized disclosure of personal data.
  2. "KDK" does not disclose customers' personal data to third parties except in the following cases.
*When "KDK" consigns the handling of personal data to a third party within the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of use.
*When complying with laws and regulations
*When we are ordered to provide or disclose information by order of court, legal authority, or other official body.
*In outstanding circumstances not mentioned above.
  1. "KDK" strictly observes the Personal Data Protection Law and other relevant laws and regulations.
"KDK" carefully implement, maintain and strive to continuously improve.